mojoPortal Sightings for February 2012

Our first site for this month's mojoPortal Sightings is Collins Language Pioneers in Dictionary Publishing Since 1819. Thanks to Vijay Karla for letting us know about this one.

Collins Language

 Our good friends at DM2 Creative Marketing Communications also submitted a nice site for Umbrella Collection.

Umbrella Collection

We also received a nice testimonial from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. We featured their site in a blog post back in December 2010, when they first launched their site on mojoPortal. Recently they took their site mobile using our add on product Mobile Kit Pro.

California POST Mobile version

My name is Mike, I'm the web applications developer at the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST for short). We've been using MojoPortal at POST for over a year now. We recently bought and implemented a mobile site using your Mobile Kit Pro. Prior to this I had hand coded a JqueryMobile/HTML version of our mobile site with a small subset of the pages available on the full site. With MobileKitPro we now allow our users to access all the pages available on the main site on mobile devices. Over the past year and a half we have created custom modules for MojoPortal, I was very impressed that most of these modules worked with the new mobile site without much tweaking.

Thanks so much for your hard work on MobileKitPro.

You're welcome to come check out our site on your Android/iPhone at


We've had similar feedback from quite a few customers using Mobile Kit Pro, it really does make it very easy to deliver a good experience for iPhone, Android Phone, and Windows 7 Phone. Although we don't offically support Blackberry mainly because we don't have a device to test with, Mike also told us it is working well for their Blackberry users.

We'd love to hear about the sites you are bringing online with mojoPortal. If you have a high profile site or a design that you're particularly proud of, or a site showing custom features you've built on mojoPortal, let us know, maybe we'll feature your site(s) in a blog post.

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