mojoPortal 2.x Works on Mono!

I've fallen a little behind in my blogging due to life but I'm very happy to announce that as blogged by Marek Habersack and also as blogged by Miguel de Icaza, mojoPortal 2.x runs on the latest build of Mono from svn!

Not everything is working perfectly yet but its mostly working and this is a major milestone both for the Mono Project and for mojoPortal. Its a milesone for Mono because mojoPortal 2.x uses many of the new features in ASP.NET 2.0 including custom SiteMapProvider, custom MembershipProvider, custom VirtualPathProvider, custom RoleProvider, Master Pages, ASP.NET localization and more and that means all these things are working in Mono's 2.0 ASP.NET implementation albeit likely with a few bugs here and there. The only significant new ASP.NET feature that is not yet implemented in Mono is WebParts which I have left out of the mojoPortal MonoDevelop solution for now until it does get implemented.

Huge Thanks to the Mono Team, especially Marek Habersack for all the great work in making this happen!

For those of you who would like to try it out yourself, I've added some documentation with instructions that should help you get setup and running.

You may also want to checkout my series of tutorials on setting up a test/dev machine for working with ASP.NET on Mono


re: mojoPortal 2.x Works on Mono!

Saturday, March 24, 2007 5:14:27 PM
Awesome!  I just swung by here for the sole intention of seeing if the latest changes in Mono's 2.0 support were finally enough to get Mojo running.

Yep, Mono is finally *almost* there with 2.0, it seems that only WebParts are missing now.  It even supports compiling now.

We're waiting very (im)patiently for the Mono 2.0 release.. according to the roadmap, we should have it no later than the end of June!

re: mojoPortal 2.x Works on Mono!

Sunday, March 25, 2007 7:49:24 AM
Hi Eric,

Good to hear from you! Yeah, its exciting, we're really getting there with the 2.0 implementation in Mono.

Whenever the new bits are running on your servers let me know and I'll update the mojoPortal Mono demo site. Then if that goes well I'll make a set of mojoPortal 2.x release files for Mono (have to compile it without the webparts feature for now) and mojoPortal Mono users will be able to upgrade.

Anyone interested in Mono ASP.NET web hosting, be sure and checkout

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