mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on the download page.

This is a minor bug fix release for things reported in the forums since the last release.

This release does have significant changes/improvements in the experimental WebStore feature so those experimenting with this feature may be more interested in upgrading. I call it experimental primarily because at this stage of the development I can't promise smooth upgrades for this feature and because its not yet feature complete enough for general purpose ecommerce. It is functional for selling of download products and is in use on this site in the mojoPortal Store. I've been working pretty actively on this feature lately driven by a need to improve the store on this site. Strategically I also think that getting this feature in shape to really handle general ecommerce scenarios is going to be very valuable in driving popularity of mojoPortal.

I'm also happy to note that mojoPortal now has a presence on Codeplex, and our downloads are available there in addition to on Novell Forge. We are still using the Subversion repository on Novell Forge for now. I've been experimenting with Codeplex hosting since they released their server side svn bridge as I mentioned in this previous post. The Codeplex team is working on some additional features to the svn bridge that are needed before we can use it for our repository. Specifically, the svn merge commands which are really needed to manage moving changes from sandboxes into trunk are not yet available but they are confident that these features will be implemented, so ultimately we will move our repository there once its all working well. In the meantime we are glad to be able to have our release and code packages available at Codeplex and giving us more visibility in the .NET community. For those who are working with the source code I stll recommend you get it directly from svn trunk.

Now we also have a formal Issue Tracker available on Codeplex. If you want to report bugs in a formal fashion with steps to produce the bug and the ability to track when the issue is closed, feel free to use the new issue tracker. For less formal reporting of problems or bugs the forums here on are still the best bet.

Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.