mojoPortal 2.1.4 Released

I've been continuing to polish things up before my push into the next major features so lately its been little incremental releases.

Release 2.1.4 is now available on the download page

There are no database schema or stored procedure changes, 2.1.4 is the same in the db as 2.1.2 and 2.1.3. (and 2.1.2 only had stored procedure changes since 2.1.1)


Added new Setup page for initial data creation. It will give a warning if the Data folder is not writable and won't allow data creation until this is configured correctly. This also
ensures no partial data gets created which was happening for some users before. It would create the home page but then error out on writing a module cache dependency file which would prevent the rest of the pages from being created.

Implemented new SiteMap feature and added SiteMapLink to skin layout.Master files, you can see the Site Map link at the bottom of this page

Implemented Skip Links navigation in skins for improved accessibility

Implemented PageMenuControl and 2 sample skins splitmenu1 and splitmenu2 which illustrate using 2 menus, a top horizontal menu with just one level and per page vertical menu for pages with child pages. This would be good for a top horizontal main menu with just a few items, but rather than a dynamic menu dropping down, there is a second menu on the left side for sub pages of the selected main menu item. These skins aren't very pretty, I just modified a couple of the existing skins to show the mechanics of using the split menu. I'm sure with a little CSS love they could look a lot better.

Moved DatePicker .js files from ClientScript to ClientScript/DatePicker

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug where button labels were blank on ChangePassword page if not using shortcut keys
Fixed bug in Forum Notification Subscription manager, button events had become unhooked from some recent change
Fixed bug in MySQL/SQLite Data layers where Forum unsubscribe was broken due to incorrect sql
Maybe fixed bug in Search that was happening occassionally on this site, couldn't produce error on dev machine
Fixed issue where login from forum would not clear ssl on redirect
Fixed issue with using Forums module on home page caused bad links when the .aspx pages was not part of the url, ie using the default document for /

As always be sure and back up your site and db before doing an upgrade and post in the forums if you need help getting mojoPortal working.