MasterPages works on Mono!

I got mojoPortal loading its content using MasterPages on Mono tonight at
On Windows it was working with AutoEventWireup=true but it was not firing the events on mono so tonight I set it to false on Windows and hooked up the events manually and it worked both on Windows and when I deployed it on mono.

Sweet! I'll merge this into the 2.0 bnranch after I get the rest of the pages and skins converted.

So the current 2.0 runtime status of mojoPortal on mono (r54948 compiled 1/1/2006) is illustrated as follows: = 1.1 framework version =  2.0 framework version not using any 2.0 features  with 1 outstanding mono bug = 2.0 framework with main pages using MasterPages


Update 1/5/2006: After another evening of struggle trying to find a way to get other pages than the main Default.aspx page to load their content I have to say something is either broken or not implemented yet in mono that is preventing the other pages from loading their content inside the ContentPlaceHolder controls within the master pages. The Default.aspx page is the main CMS page and loads its controls all dynamically based on database settings but other supporting pages have controls nested within the markup of the place holders like this:

<asp:content runat="server" id="MPContent"contentplaceholderid="mainContent">  
<asp:panel runat="server" id="pnlLogin">  

Hello World

 </asp:panel>  </asp:content>  

on windows it works but on mono you don't see the controls nested within the Content regions and if you try to access them in code you get NullReferenceExceptions

Currently on the Register page is throwing the NullReferenceException and the login page is not showing the login controls due to this. I'm going to try and produce a small test case this weekend.

Update 1/10/2006: I was able to make a little test case this past weekend with this issue on mono. The null reference exception is occuring when trying to hookup button click events and such. If you set the MasterPage for the page programmatically in OnPreInit it somehow loses its reference to controls nested within the ContentRegions on the page.


re: MasterPages works on Mono!

Thursday, January 5, 2006 3:43:27 AM
Sounds cool. I'm going to be converting over to Mojoportal this weekend. I'm considering making a ASP.NET 2.0.5 site. Are there any things to consider that I might not be aware of?

re: MasterPages works on Mono!

Thursday, January 5, 2006 12:50:48 PM
If you're going to run it on Windows you should be ok with the 2.0 release from the download page. I don't know of any errors on windows. Let me know if you run into any.

re: MasterPages works on Mono!

Monday, January 9, 2006 12:27:31 PM
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