Localization Documentation Updated

I've just updated the documentation about localizing mojoPortal

I'm renewing my push to improve documentation as I believe this is critical to improving the popularity of mojoPortal, which in turn is crucial for my business plan and trying to make a living working on mojoPortal.

Right now my top priorities are documentation and preparing for a new release with the recently completed extensible User Profile system.

The e-Commerce Solution project is temporarily on hold for now because the deadline has been pushed out by the one sponsor I have for this project and because the project is currently under funded and therefore not as high on my priority list.
Currently I have one sponsor pledging $1000 for this feature. I would really like to find some additional sponsors to make it worthwhile for me to work on the e-commerce feature so if you are interested in this feature and have any funds in your budget, please consider sponsoring this project. Please contact me if you are interested.