Heads Up to svn users who may have custom projects that use the DatePicker control

Just a quick heads up to users of mojoPortal who may have custom features that use the mojoPortal.Controls.DatePicker

In order to make it possible to use different date pickers in mojoPortal I have now implemented a provider model and now the control is just a wrapper around a provider specific control.

I had to rename the control becuase of a namespace clash when I built the provider model under the namespace mojoPortal.Controls.DatePicker I got an error because you can't have a class named DatePicker and namespace named DatePicker.

Renaming the control is a breaking change but is easy to fix. The new control class name is DatePickerControl instead of DatePicker so anywhere you have used DatePicker you will need to change it to DatePickerControl.

For example <mp:DatePicker... becomes <mp:DatePickerControl...

I have fixed these in all the projects included in mojoportal-complete.sln and will be committing this change to trunk tonight.

Those of you who have custom projects using this control will need to change your code after you get this update. If you have any trouble post in the Developer Forum and I'll try to help.

We've used a .NET control that wraps the jsCalendar javscript date picker for a long time but there are other nice ones available now. Specifically I plan to implement one using the ExtJs toolkit but needed to get this provider model in place first.



re: Heads Up to svn users who may have custom projects that use the DatePicker control

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 3:54:31 PM

Hi Joe

This is good work.I hope this help me to change Date Label ,DatePicker and calendar to Persian date.



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