Event Calendar Pro Released

I've just uploaded Event Calendar Pro This is a minor upgrade with just a few little improvements that some customers have been asking for.

What's New?

Improvements to the event editor to get rid of some jumpiness that could happen when additional settings were shown or hidden based on checkbox selection. Previously this was done using UpdatePanel which was the cuase of the jumpiness. All UpdatePanels have been removed from the event editor page and the showing and hiding of things is done with jQuery making it much smoother.

Added settings to allow not requiring or showing address and phone fields on the registration form when the event is free.

Added a setting to use the Event Summary instead of Event Detail in the outbound feed. Often people consume the feed in the mojoPortal Feed Manager on their home page to show upcoming events but they don't want to show the full details.

Added a setting to control how far into the future events are included in the feed. Previously it was hard coded to 180 days, this is now just a default setting that can be changed.

Added more css classes on the body element in edit/admin pages

Added config settings to allow hiding the start and end time on List View and event Detail view if the start and end time is configured to the same value.

Updated the article Event Calendar Pro Tips and Tricks to cover some of the new and previously undocumented config settings.

Event Calendar Pro

We've got lots of plans for future enhancements for Event Calendar Pro, but wanted to get this small update out for the folks who requested these minor improvements. As with the previous release of Event Calendar Pro, this release requires mojoPortal or higher.

This is a free upgrade for existing customers who have already purchased Event Calendar Pro. To download the new version just sign into www.mojoportal.com as the user who made the purchase, then click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and go to Order History. You'll be able to download the latest version from your order details.

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