e-commerce and Site Office Features Coming Next

Just a quick post to mention the things I'm working on.

The biggest thing on the agenda is the e-commerce project which has a due date of March 1st.

I'm wrapping up some work on an automated database update system for easy upgrading. I've got the MS SQL version implemented and just need to translate it to the other data layers.

I've also implemented a few core plumbing items of the planned Site Office feature. I hope to ship a little of it also on March 1, but it will be disabled by default until its a little more complete. Those who want to enable it will be able to do so using the Web.config file. The things we have planned for the Site Office Feature are:

Private Message System
External POP Email Access
Personal File Storage
Group and User Calendars

but we will only have a little of that done by March 1

Big Thanks! go out to Alexander Yushchenko and Jesse Englert for all their help testing and reviewing the code from svn.


re: e-commerce and Site Office Features Coming Next

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:31:49 PM

This is exactly what I needed to see as the next step for this CMS.  I've been looking for a good CMS to offer to my customers, and with these new features I feel that this is very marketable - especially to my small business target!

I am excited, and can't wait until March 1st. 

I am sure that we will contribute towards future successes for mojoportal if this suite does indeed increase revenue and marketability!

Thank you all for all your hard work!

re: e-commerce and Site Office Features Coming Next

Friday, February 09, 2007 9:28:42 AM
Good deal, hope it will meet your needs.


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