DM2 Creative / The Design Loft - experienced mojoPortal designers, we designed this site :0)

This is a forum for posting about mojoPortal related jobs or contract work.

If you need a developer with mojoPortal experience, you can post about your needs, your location, etc, here in this forum and perhaps developers from our community will respond.

If you are a developer or designer looking for mojoPortal related work, you can also post here to let people know that you are available for mojoPortal development or design/skinning consulting.

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10/4/2011 2:54:38 AM
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DM2 Creative / The Design Loft - experienced designers

Hey all

This is a very non-intrusive post just saying that we at DM2 Creative (formerly The Design Loft) are around for mojoPortal design work.

We have designed way too many mojoPortal installs to count and designed this very site you're on. We work with multinational clients and gather great feedback from mojoPortal site owners:

"Throughout the whole web design process Mark/DM2 Creative have responded to and gave good feedback on all my fickle requirements. The end result is a very professional looking website with content I am now in complete control of. If any of my clients require web design services they'll be pointed toward Sheffield!"

Chris Iveson,

And a few other mojoPortal sites we've done:


We have a pile more and welcome any contact about design work or simply advice on designing for mojoPortal.



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