Mojoportal and galleryserverpro

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5/20/2011 6:10:59 AM
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Mojoportal and galleryserverpro


I am using Mojoportal as my website system - (Danish scout group)

We have a lot of pictures (10.000+) - and I don't think Mojoporal is the good enough to control all the pictures with galleryfunctions - so I am planing to use Gallery Server Pro ( as our gallery - (under construction)

Both system lets the users of the sites create a personal user - but I will like to have the two systems use the same login information and database, so a visitor don't have to make 2 profiles - Gallery Server Pro, has a good administrator guide there also describes how to let Galleryserverpro use another sql database for login - but my own sql and experties is not enough to make this by my self.

So I will like to know if somebody will give me a estimated price on combind the two systems for login so the user can use her/his login settings from Mojoportal on Galleryserverpro



11/27/2012 12:54:47 PM
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Re: Mojoportal and galleryserverpro

Hello Søren,

You may have figured out some other solution, but I plan on doing this sometime in 2013. GalleryServerPro is about to release a whole new version, and I'm waiting for that before attempting this.

The issue revolves around the fact that MojoPortal has developed it's own membership provider system, while GSP uses the default provider.

An intermediate option is to use something called This allows you to create an entire gallery (they can host your photos, or you can) and embed a control on the MojoPortal page. It works, I've tried it.

If you are still interested in the programmatic approach, keep in touch and I'll be happy to share my integration with you.


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