SiteSettings.aspx DeleteLinkImage does not exist

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3/2/2010 5:22:59 AM
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SiteSettings.aspx DeleteLinkImage does not exist

Hi, I'm using the MS SQL Server implementation of MojoPortal version  I was able to install locally and get everything to run fine in Full Trust mode, but had this problem when trying to deploy to Go Daddy.  I used the deploy with Unleash it instructions here to first copy locally and used the Go Daddy medium trust instructions here, but of course ignored the MySQL detail.  I was able to run setup on the hosted installation and the database installed fine.  For some reason I had forgotten to make the app_data folder writable by the Web user, but have now corrected that, but get the same problem.  I replicated this problem locally as well, so I figure it's something with my setup, or maybe I failed to copy a file or something.  I even restarted IIS locally but it didn't help, so the initial app_data rights problem is probably not related.

It appears that DeleteLinkImage is in the MojoPortal.Business\Properties\resources.resx file, and I've confirmed that did not get copied over to my deploy directory, because I think the instructions say to copy only the Web dir?  I checked and my Unleash It configuration has *.resx in the list of files to copy.  I'm sure I've missed something.

When I go into Administration and click Site Settings, SiteSettings.aspx throws the following error:

Compilation Error
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'DeleteLinkImage' does not exist in the current context

Source Error:

Line 721: <ItemTemplate>
Line 722: <li>
Line 723: <asp:ImageButton ImageUrl='<%# DeleteLinkImage %>'
Line 724: CommandName="delete" CommandArgument='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "HostID") %>'
Line 725: AlternateText="<%# Resources.Resource.SiteSettingsDeleteHostLabel %>" runat="server"

Source File: c:\MojoPortalDeployLocal\Admin\SiteSettings.aspx Line: 723

3/2/2010 6:14:02 AM
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Re: SiteSettings.aspx DeleteLinkImage does not exist


First, I recommend if you work with the source code to use svn trunk so you can get the latest code and stay up to date. is old code in the mojo universe.

DeleteLinkImage is a local variable declared in the code behind file for the sitesettings.aspx page, it does not come from a resource file in the business layer. In the latest code it is declared like this:

protected string DeleteLinkImage = "~/Data/SiteImages/" + WebConfigSettings.DeleteLinkImage;

If you are working with the source code and have troubles with a custom build you should post questions in the developer forum rather than the site administration forum.

Hope it helps,


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