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This is a forum for posting about mojoPortal related jobs or contract work.

If you need a developer with mojoPortal experience, you can post about your needs, your location, etc, here in this forum and perhaps developers from our community will respond.

If you are a developer or designer looking for mojoPortal related work, you can also post here to let people know that you are available for mojoPortal development or design/skinning consulting.

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7/11/2014 7:31:44 PM
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I am an intermediate level vb.net programmer but this is over my head and in the time frame I am looking to implement, I don't know if it is possible I like the mojo portal blog and forum capability for my my niche business but one things we want to do in the beginning is drive traffic to the site.  As a result, we want to give each user a unique profile page with their own image gallery, video player and a place to answer a few questions.  We would also like to have them share their page on social media so that we can track how many views/likes each profile page gets.  Is this possible inside this platform? If so, can someone give me an estimate on how much they would charge?  You can email me @ owens.rusty at gmail.com

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