Folder Gallery problem

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4/17/2014 1:13:35 AM
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Folder Gallery problem

I add Image Gallery (Simple Folder Version) module in my home page.
and I put some photos into folders called 'foodgallery1', then I put it in the directory 'Data/Sites/2/foldergalleries',created by  myself.

I follow your step after reading 'Using The Folder Gallery' article

After compilation, When I run mojoPortal Setup ,visit the web home page. But I can not see my food photos. why?

Then ,I read this article 'Using The Folder Gallery' a few times, it says "It allows you to just point it at a folder containing images and it 

does the rest, creating thumbnails, web size images etc". But how to point it at a foodgallery1 folder ?

I need your help.
thank you.

4/17/2014 9:31:23 AM
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Re: Folder Gallery problem

the settings of folder gallery is where you specify the sub folder it points to.

what are you talking about compilation?

what does the setup page have to do with your question?

I think you must have wrong ideas if you think those 2 things have something to do with your question

the thing to understand for folder gallery is the the folders and images cannot have spaces in the file names, it won't work if they have spaces in the file or folder names

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