Using The Folder Gallery

The Image Gallery (Simple Folder Version) included with mojoPortal content management system is based on this PhotoHandler project on Codeplex

It allows you to just point it at a folder containing images and it does the rest, creating thumbnails, web size images etc. So the idea is that you organize the photos into folders on your local machine then upload the whole parent folder using an ftp client like FileZilla or whatever you use. The folder(s) need to be uploaded to Data/Sites/[SiteID]/foldergalleries folder, but from there you can nest them any way you want.

I did implement a feature for uploading files but the ftp approach is the sweet spot.

You can see my vacation photos using the new gallery here:

Notice how it makes a thumbnail for the sub folders by amalgamating the images contained in it into a thumbnail

So there are 3 top level folders, ChichenItza, resort, and skyline, those correspond to folders. I recommend don't use spaces in the folder names or file names, use underscores to represent spaces like some_folder. This just makes the web urls much cleaner with no escape characters which are needed if there are spaces.

Last Updated: 2011-02-15