Monkey Business

My presentation last night at the Nashville Visual Studio .NET user group went very well, see my blog at for more on that.

Data Loss is a drag

In my rush to prepare for my presentation at the .NET user group I made a major bad move. Ouch!  I have 2 linux machines setup with MySQL and the one that was hosting the data for the mojoPortal web site was also the one I wanted to bring to demo mono. So I thought I'd copy the data to another machine and just point the site at that until I'm done with my presentation. Both machines already had a mojoportal database so I went to delete the one on the target machine so I could copy it over fresh but in a true Homer moment I deleted the wrong one. I had a backup but its about a week and half old so I lost some recent blog comments, forum posts and some major documentation work I did last weekend. Yes I know better, thats why it hurts so much. I let my guard down because my production machines are also development machines.

Anyway I'm all set for the meeting and none of the lost data has any financial impact, just frustration factor. I do have the names of everyone who requested one of the dvds I'll be giving away.

I appologize to Troels for losing his post in the bug forums.

Nashville Visual Studio .NET User's Group

I'll be giving a presentation about mono on Thursday Feb 10,  2005 at the Nashville Visual Studio .NET User's Group meeting hosted at Tek Systems.

I plan to give an introduction to mono with an emphasis on developing ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio for deployment on mono.  I've learned a lot about mono through my work with mojoPortal and hope my presentation will help other .NET developers get started using mono.

SlickUpload Test in mono 1.0.5

I finally got around to testing the new release of  SlickUpload on my new Suse 9.1 test machine running mono 1.0.5

Sorry to say, but as I expected it doesn't work. It doesn't raise any errors but it doesn't upload the file.
See my previous post for the reasons I believe it doesn't work. Its not a problem with SlickUpload, its a lack of implementation in mono for functionality that exists in the ASP.NET/IIS stack.

It is possible that new functionality is available in the mono 1.1.x development branch that may make it into the next release build of mono (I'm doubtful but trying to be optimistic).  Sometime in the near future I plan to setup another test machine and getting frequent updates of the mono 1.1 branch using subversion and doing the builds myself so I can stay on top of the newest features.  It seems from the mailing list that a lot of times when people report bugs the answer is that its fixed in the latest code if you get it from the subversion repository. I think you almost have to be using daily builds to report bugs effectively. I'l post on this topic again after I get setup for doing builds from subversion.  It will be a good learning opportunity for me.


Got an e-mail from Chris Hynes that gives me more hope that this is working in the developer branch. More motivation to learn how to build mono from svn. 

A New Test Machine is Born

I just got done setting up another test machine for mono ASP.NET deployment using Suse 9.1 Pro from the ftp install. I did the ftp install of Suse last weekend but installed mono tonight.
I followed the tutorial at to install mono, monoDevelop, apache, etc. I must say the Suse Yast and the Ximian Red Carpet are both very smooth software management systems.  The ASP.NET test pages are working so now I just have to install mojoPortal.   The tutorial was very easy to follow.

You may have noticed I never posted the follow up to my previous post but I promise to test SlickUpload this weekend on mono 1.0.5 on my new Suse 9.1 test machine.

I'm also in the process of setting up some test machines using Virtual PC 2004 but the one I setup tonight is a real one.