A New Test Machine is Born

I just got done setting up another test machine for mono ASP.NET deployment using Suse 9.1 Pro from the ftp install. I did the ftp install of Suse last weekend but installed mono tonight.
I followed the tutorial at GotMono.com to install mono, monoDevelop, apache, etc. I must say the Suse Yast and the Ximian Red Carpet are both very smooth software management systems.  The ASP.NET test pages are working so now I just have to install mojoPortal.   The tutorial was very easy to follow.

You may have noticed I never posted the follow up to my previous post but I promise to test SlickUpload this weekend on mono 1.0.5 on my new Suse 9.1 test machine.

I'm also in the process of setting up some test machines using Virtual PC 2004 but the one I setup tonight is a real one.