Release 20050829

A new release of mojoPortal is now available on the download page.

New this release is the inclusion of NeatUpload by Dean Brettle. NeatUpload, licensed under the LGPL, is an ASP.NET HttpModule for handling file uploads gracefully with a progress bar. It works on Windows with IIS or on Linux/Mac OS X with mono using XSP web server or using mod_mono with apache web server. Pretty sweet! Dean developed this specifically for mojoPortal but I'm sure it will be used in countless ASP.NET projects once the word gets out about it.  I really can't imagine an ASP.NET developer that won't want to use it. Previously, mojoPortal shipped with SlickUpload which was disabled by default because it only works on Windows. A similar commercial control ABCUpload I've used before also does not, as far as I know, work under mono. Great work Dean!
Here's a screenshot of the progress bar in action:

you can even stop the upload midstream by clicking the icon.

Also new  is the final release of version 2.0 of FCKEditor, previously we were using RC1.

Thanks to Tom Opgenorth for adding a small enhancement to the Links Module to enable specifying the target. He is currently working on adding categories to the Links module allowing you to organize links in a TreeView by category. That will be a cool option. After that project Tom is planning on implementing a new image gallery using nGallery.

mojoPortal now includes, in addition to US English, culture files for Italian, Portuguese, and Czech.  If anyone transaltes to additional languages, please send me the translated files.

Stylesheet and image bug

Some of you may notice a strange behaviour with the style on this site today. Refreshing the page seems to toggle the style on and off. This site is currently running the latest dev code and Dean fixed this bug last night. I will put the new fixed code in place for this site tonight when I get home from work.

Update 8/26/2005 5:44 PM CST

I just deployed the latest code from svn to this server and the style bug is fixed. Big Thanks Dean!

We are getting very close to the next release, possibly as soon as this Sunday evening but no later than next Sunday

100 Registered Users

mojoPortal now has 100 registered users!

of course there are a lot more people visiting the site and downloading both the code and the release files, it seems that most people won't register if they can help it. I must admit I'm the same way, it takes a lot for me to register at a site. I guess its because we fear the possibility of an onslaught of spam. But I assure you if you register at you won't get any spam from me at least until we get the Newsletter module built! But seriously it, even that will be an infrequent thing with an easy opt out on your profile page or from within any email newsletter that we have in the future. So come on if you haven't already, register and show you appreciate mojoportal.

In case you are interested, here is how we are doing in terms of traffic.

February was only half a month of data, before that the site was running on a Windows server but in the middle of February I moved the site to a Linux server with mono.

mojoPortal is coming up on a year of development time this month and 1 year since the first release in November.
Of course I only get to work on it mostly on weekends and some evenings. I do have a full time job separate from mojoPortal

FCKeditor 2.0 Final Release

I just upgraded the source code in svn to use the new final release of FCKeditor. Those of you using the mojoPortal source code from svn can get it now. After I've had a chance to do some more testing I'll make a new release. I've upgraded this site to use it as well so I can test. So far so good.

I'm having a few issues with the new FCKeditor and trying to work through them. Its not allowing me to browse the server or upload files on mono. It works in IIS, I think there is a case sensitivty issue somewhere but haven't found it yet.

Also the css for the editor is displaying funky but appears ok when it renders outside the editor.