Localization Documentation Updated

I've just updated the documentation about localizing mojoPortal

I'm renewing my push to improve documentation as I believe this is critical to improving the popularity of mojoPortal, which in turn is crucial for my business plan and trying to make a living working on mojoPortal.

Right now my top priorities are documentation and preparing for a new release with the recently completed extensible User Profile system.

The e-Commerce Solution project is temporarily on hold for now because the deadline has been pushed out by the one sponsor I have for this project and because the project is currently under funded and therefore not as high on my priority list.
Currently I have one sponsor pledging $1000 for this feature. I would really like to find some additional sponsors to make it worthwhile for me to work on the e-commerce feature so if you are interested in this feature and have any funds in your budget, please consider sponsoring this project. Please contact me if you are interested.

New Extensible Profile System in svn

I just committed the new Extensible Profile System to svn branches/2.x

Anyone who can help test before the release, it would be greatly appreciated. Post in the forums if you have any difficulty or questions.

With this feature, user profile properties are specified in mojoProfile.config file, you can totally customize what properties show up on the user profile page and you can also specify properties that are required for Registration on the site. You can specify any System data type that can be serialized as a string. Boolean properties will be rendered as checkboxes, all other types will be rendered as a textbox. It is also possible to configure dropdown lists, see the Gender property in mojoProfile.config for example syntax:
<add    name="Gender"
                <Option value="" TextResourceKey="GenderUnselectedLabel"></Option>
                <Option value="M" TextResourceKey="GenderMaleLabel"></Option>
                <Option value="F" TextResourceKey="GenderFemaleLabel"></Option>
                <Option value="T" TextResourceKey="missingkeytest"></Option>

I'll be working on documentation for this new feature tomorrow, so more to come, but I'm hoping some brave developers will jump right in and try it out.

Update 1/5/2007: I've just completed the documentation for this feature here, let me know if there is anything unclear or any feedback for improving the documentation or the feature itself.

mojoPortal 2.1.8 Released

mojoPortal 2.1.8 is now available from the download page.

This release has an important fix for a security vulnerability so I recommend for everyone to upgrade as soon as possible. It is a very easy upgrade from version 2.1.7, all you need to do is replace the mojoPortal.Web.dll in the bin folder with the one from the new release.

Thanks to Cemalettin Polat for reporting this issue. The problem was that in FCKeditor by default the link dialog window launched from the toolbar includes functionality that allows uploading files and browsing of some folders on the server. This should not be allowed on the Contact Form and the Blog Comments form because these are available to anonymous users. I have disabled this in the new release. I also disabled this in the ForumPostEdit.aspx page for users who are not in the  Admins or Content Admins role.

Additionally this release fixes another bug that only happens when running under Medium trust, there was an error being raised on the Registration page when running under Medium trust and this would prevent new users from registering. Thanks to Anand Narayanaswamy for reporting this issue.

Update: I just noticed that the security issue also existed in the 1.04 Mono version of mojoPortal. I have corrected the problem and released version 1.0.5. Again, it is only the mojoPortal.Web.dll that needs to be replaced to upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5

mojoPortal 2.1.7 Released

mojoPortal 2.1.7 is now available from the download page.

This is primarily a minor bug fix release. It is an easy upgrade from 2.1.6 as there are no changes in the database at all.

Fixed issue where in Medium Trust hosting environments the image upload did not work in FCKeditor or in the Image Gallery

Fixed a style bug where the new SiteStatistics module did not look right in IE6. Most of my machines are updated to IE7 so I didn't test in IE6 for the last release. Fortunately I have a virtual machine still running IE6 so I was able to correct the css for IE6. I still would recommend anyone using IE6 to upgrade to IE7.

New Feature: SessionKeepAliveControl. I've been meaning to implement this for a long time and it was easy low hanging fruit. Have you ever been editing content and had the edit page open so long that your login session expired and when you went to save your work you lost it because you got an access denied error? Well, this control has been added to all the edit pages and will keep your session alive as long as the page is open in the browser by making a background request before your session times out.

As always, be sure and back up everything before doing an upgrade and if you have any trouble, post in the forums and I will try to help.


Announcing the mojoPortal e-Commerce Solution Project

I'm very happy to announce the mojoPortal e-Commerce Solution Project,  a new sub project to implement an e-commerce functionality that integrates with mojoPortal.

I will be developing this feature myself as we have a target date for the intitial implementation by February 2007. This is the first project for which we have a sponsor who is partially funding the development effort. The project is not yet fully funded though so I am looking for additional sponsorship. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor for this project please contact me. See our Sponsors page for more information.

I'd like to thank and welcome our first sponsor BrainBeacon, providers of high quality IT Certification study materials.