A Couple of Interesting new mojoPortal Sites

Just a quick post to mention a couple of new mojoPortal sites.

The first is Living In The Boro, a site I helped setup for my good friend Julie Fischer. I've known Julie and her husband Bill for many years so it was natural that I picked Julie to help sell my house in Tennessee when I decided to move to Charlotte, NC. She did an awesome job and I recommend her to anyone that needs a real estate agent in Middle Tennessee. Julie also does pottery, so please check out her pottery site.

The second is a nice tourist information site for Reunion Island, man I want to go there someday!

I always add sites I know about to the mojo Sites page, but I don't find out about all of them, if you know of any more please let me know.

mojoPortal Bug Fix Release

I just released a new set of files with the following fixes.

The FCKeditor now degrades to a textarea for unsupported browsers like Safari and Opera, and also for supported browsers when javascript is disabled

Fixed issue in Shared Files module where an error would occur when adding a new folder
Fixed issue in Shared Files where pdf files would not open in the browser

Fixed issue where some of the skins had the center column hidden by default, bug was introduced when the hadnling was modified for the RightToLeft skin

Fixed a few minor issues when using custom profile properties based on roles

I implemented a new property for Module Definitions so you can set a default cache time for a Feature and new instances will use this default

No changes for tables this release but if using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you need to run the stored procedure script

mojoPortal 2.2.1 bug fix release

In the 2.2 release I added handling to convert dates to the user's timezone. Unfortunately I introduced a bug. In the Forums the MostRecentPostDate is null when you create a new forum because there are no posts yet. I forgot to include handling for null dates in the Forum module when doing the conversion to the user's timezone so when creating new forums the page containing the forum would throw an exception. Since this pretty much made the forum unusable I considered it a significant bug worthy of an immediate fix.

I also fixed an issue when using mojoPortal with Active Directory. This fix required a new column LdapDomain added to the mp_Sites table so I've added an upgradefrom2-2to2-2-1.sql script for each of the data layers. If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you'll also need to run the stored procedure script. As always be sure and back up everything before doing an upgrade and post in the forums if you run into any problems.

mojoPortal 2.2 Released

mojoPortal 2.2 is now available from the download page.

Highlights of this release:

Extensible User Profile System allows you to control what properties are on the User Profile page and what properties are required for registration.

New Persian translation and Right To Left skin thanks to A.Samarian
Updated Russian translation thanks to Alexander Yushchenko

Page Titles can now be customised if you don't like the SiteName - PageName default page titles

PageSettings now has an option to disable browser caching. Normally you should allow browser caching but for some pages with secure content it is better not to allow this.

Improved handling of user time zones for display of dates

Added column sorting in Shared Files Module

Improved redirect logic when you access a page that requires authentication, instead of just directing to the  Access Denied page, if you are not authenticated it directs to login and then from there back to the requested page. Only then will it redirect to Access Denied if you are not in a role allowed to access the page.

Fixed bug where Require Email Confirmation setting caused an error on the registration page (this only affected the MySQL version)

Fixed enter key behavior on all forms, this issue was only affecting skins with the Search Input displayed

Improved usability in PageLayout.aspx

Improved usability in Url Manager

How To Upgrade from  2.1.8

As always, backup both your site and your database before trying to upgrade.
Run the upgradefrom2-1to2-2.sql script for your db platform
If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL run the stored procedure script
Copy the release files to your web folder
Restore your db connection string and any custom settings in the Web.config file

If you have any trouble post in the Forums.

Current Status of mojoPoral 2.x on Mono/Linux

The source code for mojoPortal includes an up to date Solution for MonoDevelop (mojoportal.mds) and this Solution can be compiled in MonoDevelop (at least if running the latest Mono from svn). However it currently does not run at all.

I am still optimistic that we will get mojoPortal 2.x running on Mono by the end of March 2007, I'll keep you posted.