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mojoPortal Released 

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal available now on our download page.

The main new item this release is an all new file uploader with support for drag and drop, multiple file selection and a progress bar in modern browsers.

new file uploader

For many years we've used NeatUpload for file uploads which also provided a progress bar and multi file selection. Dean Brettle, the author of NeatUpload stopped supporting it in May of 2010 and now it has become a bit long in the tooth. It depended on Flash for multi file selection in some browsers and it did not work in medium trust hosting and was beginning to have some problems in newer versions of Firefox. Specifically it depended on a really old version of swfupload (which itself is now also an abandoned project). NeatUpload has served us well over the years but many of the problems that is solved are no longer existing problems or are easier to solve in modern web browsers so we felt the time had come to replace it.

We previously needed to provide a separate web.config file which enabled NeatUpload in Full Trust hosting but we no longer need any separate configuration, all the included features of mojoPortal "just work" in Medium Trust with no special configuration needed. Some of the file uploader features such as drag and drop, multi file selection and upload progress bar do not work in older web browsers but it does degrade to normal one at a time file upload in those browsers while modern browsers get the best user experience. NeatUpload is no longer included with mojoPortal so as long as you don't have any custom features that depend on it you can safely remove the /NeatUpload folder from your eisting installation after upgrading and remove the file Brettle.Web.NeatUpload.dll from the /bin folder. Developers are encouraged to look at how we implemented the file upload in mojoPortal features and replace your own use of NeatUpload in custom features to be consistent.

New Version of AjaxControlToolkit

We upgraded to the Jan2013 version (from July2012 version) of AjaxControlToolkit. Since this is used also in our add on products Form Wizard Pro, Event Calendar Pro, and Web Invoice Pro, we have corresponding upgrades to those add on products for compatibility with this release of mojoPortal.

Other Stuff

  • upgrade to CKeditor 4.0.3
  • upgrade to jQuery 1.9.1 and jQueryUI 1.10.2
  • upgrade from jPlayer 2.1.0 to 2.3.0
  • various minor bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the last release

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Posted by Joe Audette Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:38:00 PM Tagged In: Features jQuery Pro Products Releases

mojoPortal Released 

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page.

This release includes a number of bug fixes and a few other improvements since the previous release. The most interesting new feature is support for inline editing in the Html Content feature when using CKEditor which has also been upgraded to version 4.0.2. With inline editing, users with edit permissions can just click into the content and the editor will appear as shown below in a screen shot from our demo site.

inline editing with CKeditor

When you click out of the content if it has changed it is saved by an ajax post to a service url. There is a little lock icon that toggles enabling and disabling the inline editor. This was needed otherwise if a user had edit permission and wanted to click a link within the content, it would launch the editor instead of navigating to the link. The inline editor also works in iPhone and iPad. For now inline editing is only implemented in the Html Content feature but depending on feedback we may implement it in other features in the future. It can also be disabled in case you don't like it and the traditional edit link that goes to the edit page also still works. To disabled inline editing in an installation you would add this in user.config:

<add key="EnableInlineEditing" value="false" />

In the last release we introduced a new Recent Content feature as well as an RSS url that could retrieve recent content based on query string parameters that could limit the results to a specific feature. Since the Recent Content feature that plugs into CMS pages could be configured to show content from multiple features we decided it would be more user friendly to expose an RSS link directly in the feature that will use the settings from the feature so that the feed will include the same content as the feature on the page.

In the previous release we upgraded to the latest jQuery but we missed a few plugins that were not compatible which caused a few bugs in various places such as the image cropper and the file manager. These have been fixed. The jPlayer plugin used in our Audio and Video players also is still not yet compatible with the latest jQuery so we automatically load the jQuery Migrate plugin when it is loaded to provide compatibility until they come out with an update to the jPlayer plugin.

We also upgraded to the newest version of the NivoSlider jQuery plugin which is integrated in the Image Gallery feature. It now supports captions and the web size image will link to the full size image.

There was also a bug introduced in the last release for the forums where forum threads could be lost from the search index when other threads were updated. This has now been fixed and anyone using the forums should rebuild the search index again after upgrading to restore any missing forum items from the search index.

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Posted by Joe Audette Friday, March 8, 2013 2:13:00 PM Tagged In: Features jQuery Releases

mojoPortal Released 

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page. This is a significant update with many improvements.

UPDATE 2013-02-14 We have found that our .NET 3.5 package for this release is broken under medium trust due to an error generated by Lucene.NET. We are looking into a solution to this but for now those hosted under .NET 3.5 medium trust should not upgrade. The best solution is to move to .NET 4/4.5 hosting since we are approaching the end of support for .NET 3.5.

UPDATE 2013-02-14 We were able to use conditional compilation to make the .NET 3.5 builds use the older version of Lucene.NET and this fixed the medium trust error for the package. So it is now safe to upgrade .NET 3.5 installations.

What's New?

This release adds support for Artisteer 4.1 (currently a release candidate) and there is a new update to our skin exporter plugin for Artisteer. All of the older skins have been moved into the download and a new set of skins created with Artisteer 4.1 is included in the mojoPortal packages. All the .artx files are also available in the

Artisteer 4.1 skin

Recent Content Feature

Lots of people have asked if there is a way to show recently created or updated content. The challenge with this has always been that features are self contained and pages are just containers for feature instances so the don't have knowledge of the feature content so there was not an easy way to list new content except at the feature level. For example features like the blog and forums expose RSS feeds so one could pull recent content from those feeds into a feed manager instance, but there wasn't a good way to do it for the HTML Content feature which is the main content feature. However we recently revamped our internal search index to keep track of created and modified dates so that searches could be filtered by date (also new in this release). Once that was completed we realized that one way to get recent content in a feature agnostic way is to retrieve it from the search index based on the created or modified date. This is exactly what the new Recent Content Feature does. You can set a maximum number of days old to include, which features to include and whether to use the created date or modified date. So this now works with all features that support search. The Recent Content feature can be placed on a page like any other feature and configured as you wish. There is also now a Recent Content RSS feed that can be enabled and then used with the Feed Manager feature to show recent content. I'll be documenting how to do that soon but the stand alone Recent Content feature is probably more user friendly for most people.

Search Engine Improvements

As mentioned above the internal Lucene.NET search engine has been revamped. In addition to the created and modified dates it can also store the author name and this can be optionally shown in the search results for features that populate it. We also upgraded to the latest version of Lucene.NET (3.0.3). As a result of these changes, after upgrading it is recommended to rebuild the search index so it gets populated with the new fields. There were some breaking changes so developers who have implemented their own custom features that support search and use our internal search engine should see the notes in this forum thread.

There is also a corresponding update to our Event Calendar Pro product to be compatible with the search engine changes. This is a free update for customers who already purchased Event Calendar Pro.

Blog Improvements

Previously the map settings for the blog were at the feature instance level which meant that all maps in all posts had to use the same settings. These settings are now per post so you can get more creative with maps in your blog posts. There is also a new setting if you want to show a search input in the blog.

Forum Improvements

There is a new setting if you want to automatically close threads older than a certain number of days. Individual threads can now be left out of the google site map for the forums and/or marked with a NOINDEX meta tag if you don't feel that the thread has any content of value. There are also new settings to allow showing the CMS page side content on the forum detail pages which is useful for ad placement for example.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Content Style templates can now be imported and exported thanks to Joe Davis of i7MEDIA
  • ​Upgraded to CKeditor 4.0.1
  • There is a new menu control named FlexMenu included in this release. Unlike the ASP.NET Menu and Treeview controls it does not add any javascript so you can add your own if needed and not get any conflicts that those menus are prone to.
  • Updated the CDN settings to use jQuery 1.9 and jQueryUI 1.10.0. Also updated included plugins to compatible versions. However if you are using any custom plugins or javascript that is not compatible with the new version of jQuery we ahve a way to include a compatibility script. See the important skin changes article for details, all Artisteer skins need this compatibility script for example.
  • Bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the last release.

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Posted by Joe Audette Thursday, February 7, 2013 10:09:00 AM Tagged In: Features jQuery Pro Products Releases Site Design

mojoPortal Released 

I’m happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page.

Although it has only been a little more than a month since our last release, we’ve been very busy with more improvements some of which have been long standing requests.

What’s New?

Page Content Wizard

Most of you who are familiar with mojoPortal know how to add features to a page, but I've noticed on our demo site some people manage to create pages but then for some reason can't figure out how to add content by clicking the "Edit This Page" link. To make it more friendly for new users and for people trying mojoPortal for the first time on our demo site, we've added a simple widget for adding a content feature to a page. This widget is shown if user visiting the page has edit permission on the page and the page has no other content on it and is not configured to show the child page site map.

We’ve also added a new default profile field for AuthorBio. By default it is only available to Administrators, Content Administrators, Content Authors, and Content Publisher roles.

Forum Improvements

Reduced the number of Url parameters and added a site map for forum threads that can be submitted to search engines for greatly improved SEO in the forums feature. See the updated Site Map documentation for details.

Blog Improvements

Added support for showing an Author Bio at the bottom of blog posts.

Added support for a Sub Title per post, with support to configure what element it renders as in the list an in the detail view.

Added support for multiple bloggers: A user in the edit roles for a blog can only edit their own posts unless the user is in the Administrators or Content Administrators roles. This can be disabled from user.config if you prefer the old behavior where any editor could edit any post.  See the updated blog documentation for details.

Added support for per category feeds. Now by default the feed icon on the category page has the category specific feed url.

Added support for post end dates. If an end date is specified, then the post will no longer be available to users not in an edit role. Other users who visit the post url will see a message saying the content has expired and the HTTP Status code 410 will be returned for search engines, and the post url will be removed from the google site map.

Fixed bug where the feed would return an error until a post was made from the UI.

Added options for showing the Author Photo/Avatar and/or an Author Bio at the bottom of Html Content instances.

Newsletter Improvements

Added support for some new token replacements that can be used to personalize the newsletter, with settings for fallback default values configurable on the newsletter definition. See the updated newsletter documentation for details.

Other Miscellaneous Improvements

Added a SkinID to registration page validators so they can be configured form Changed to dynamic display so that by default the error messages are shown inline next to the form fields.

Updated Italian translation from Diego Mora Updated the config settings to use the latest versions of jQuery and jQueryUI from the google CDN.Updated to the latest version of log4net.

Fixed bug where only admins could edit an html instance from within content manager (without the context of a page), and content admins were not allowed by mistake.

Fixed bug where Audio and Video features allowed upload media file types not actually supported in the features.

Fixed bug in internal comment system where site root was duplicated in the comment link in the notification email.
Fixed bug PayPal form element values should be attribute encoded not html encoded. Fixed bug in Image Gallery where Nivo slider did not work when the site was running in a sub folder rather than in the root directory.
Fixed a bug where if a user registered on the site after previously only signing up for the newsletter, duplicate newsletter subscriptions were not removed. This bug was introduced in version when we added the newsletter opt in to the registration page.

Removed Artisteer specific CSS selectors from admin menu CSS, this prevented some of the Artisteer bullet point icons from showing in content. However we’ve also updated the style-artisteer-overrides.css included in the skins that ship with mojoPortal to prevent the Artisteer bullet icons from specific places where we don’t want them due to other styles in use. We’ve also updated our Artisteer skin exporter to include these changes.

The mojoPortal Team would like to wish our friends in the US a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be taking a few days off to enjoy time with our families and we are thankful to our community and customers who make what we do possible with your support and feedback.

Posted by Joe Audette Monday, November 19, 2012 3:00:58 PM Tagged In: Features Releases

Updated Add On Products for mojoPortal 

We've just uploaded updates to several of the add on products in the mojoPortal Store.

All of the ecommerce products, Site Membership Pro, Web Invoice Pro, and Event Calendar Pro now support WorldPay as a payment gateway in addition to the already existing support for Authorize.NET, PlugNPay, PayPal and Google Checkout. We've had quite a few requests for WorldPay support, so we're very excited to finally deliver this.

Form Wizard Pro has also been updated to include custom email template editing for the notification emails.

These are free upgrades for existing customers who have already purchased these products, the latest version can be downloaded from your order history by signing into this site as the user with the purchase history and cloicking the "My Account" link at the top of the page. However, these updates do require the latest version of mojoPortal.

The free mojoPortal Skin Exporter for Artisteer 4 has also been updated for mojoPortal and the final release of Artisteer 4.

UPDATE: I made another small change to the Artisteer skin exporter plugin and uploaded a new version 2012-10-15. It fixed a problem with the menu layout in some designs.

UPDATE 2012-10-18 I've made another fix in the skin exporter plugin to solve a problem where Chrome browser was using responsive layout as if it were a phone.

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Posted by Joe Audette Friday, October 12, 2012 11:28:00 AM Tagged In: ecommerce Pro Products Releases
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