mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page. This is primarily a bug fix release. 

What's New?

upgrade from CKeditor 4.0.3 to 4.2
upgrade from TinyMCE 3.5.7 to 3.5.8
Some work is also in progress to support TinyMCE 4.x but so far there are still some issues with the file browser integration so we did not upgrade to that branch of TinyMCE just yet.

Thomas Nicolaïdès - implemented clickable folder crumbs in Shared Files

WebStore -  implemented a cart link that can be embedded in the layout.master file so it can be on every page.
To use this you first add a control declaration at the top of your layout.master file like this:
<%@ Register Namespace="WebStore.UI.Controls" Assembly="WebStore.UI" TagPrefix="webstore" %>

Then you can add the control anywhere you want on layout.master. I put it with the other top navigation links as in this example:

<div id="wraptopnav">
    <div class="topnav">
        <portal:WelcomeMessage id="WelcomeMessage" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" ListItemCSS="firstnav" />
        <portal:HomeLink id="HomeLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:MobileSkinLink ID="mobileskin" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:LoginLink id="LoginLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:LogoutLink id="LogoutLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:RegisterLink id="RegisterLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:UserProfileLink id="UserProfileLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:MailboxLink id="MailboxLink1" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true"  />
        <portal:MyPageLink id="MyPageLink1" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true" />
        <portal:MemberListLink id="MemberListLink" runat="server" RenderAsListItem="true"  />
        <portal:SiteMapLink id="SiteMapLink2" runat="server" CssClass="sitelink" RenderAsListItem="true"  />
        <webstore:FlexCartLink id="cartlink1" runat="server" PageId="490" ModuleId="733" ModuleGuid="4482d498-ea94-48dc-b4cd-b28b6abb0ad2" IncludeItemCount="true" IncludeCartTotal="true" LiteralTopMarkup="<li class='topnavitem cartnav'><span class='ui-icon ui-icon-cart'></span>" LiteralBottomMarkup="</li>" CssClass="sitelink" />

You must configure the pageid moduleid and ModuleGuid to match those values for your WebStore. The example extra markup uses the cart icon from jqueryui.

added module setting for date format in comments feature
added a new setting in html content to disable the click event for slide show slides so that clickable content within the slides can be clicked
added a Web.config option to lookup paramterized urls for 301 redirect - false by default

made it possible to style tables and mojoGridView using jqueryui, to do this you need these settings in
<mp:mojoGridView runat="server"

<mp:mojoGridView runat="server" SkinID="FileManager"

<mp:mojoGridView runat="server" SkinID="SharedFiles"

added an option on FlexMenu for StartingNodePageId
added a Web.config option to show publish workflow icon for unsubmitted draft
made the contact form set the focus to the email box if there is any email validation error
fixed a few region specific languages in ckeditor that were not previously available

made email template editor also edit the plain text version of the template
added a Web.config option to limit Active Directory to root DN

fixed bug in Forums where thread subject was unfiltered in page title element causing a potential XSS vulnerability. Anyone using the forums should definitely upgrade to get this security fix.
fixed bug in Forums where non editors could not edit their own older posts even when the settings was -1 which should allow it.
fixed bug in mssql data layer for Forums where unsubscribe was returning false even on success causing the wrong message to be shown to the user.
fixed bug in sqlce data layer where redirect list paging did not work
fixed bug in comment system don't show user inputs for name, email, and url by default if user is authenticated
fixed bug in pgsql data layer when saving a module definition setting from the ui
fixed bug in blog when using jquery datepicker for calendar nav the date format in links was not correct if not using English
fixed bug in blog where blog sitemap did not work correctly if not using friendly urls
fixed bug Blog should use addthis accountid from blog settings if specified
fixed some validation problems in the blog feed, added some new settings for feed language, managing editor, iTunes categories, logo url
fixed bug in file manager where uploading to root folder failed
fixed bug in Shared Files, when editing a file in a sub fodler it would be moved to root folder
fixed bug in Shared Files where it was possible to make a child folder the parent
fixed bug Shared Files was not updating the upload date when a file was updated
fixed bug in parentpagedialog when configured to start fully expanded
fixed bug Janrain widget should use the new implementation by default
fixed javascript error in IE 8 when using the new file uploader
fixed bug inline editor should use style and content templates
fixed bug in payment gateway where currencyCulture was not used to format currency. 
fixed bug sitemenu and pagemenu should set the ismobileskin property on flexmenu

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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.