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mojoPortal 2.1.2 Released

I just released mojoPortal 2.1.2

See my previous blog post for release notes.

The next 1.x release will happen when the new Firebird Data Layer is ready, stay tuned for more information on that.

As always if upgrading be sure and backup your site and db before doing the upgrade. If you have any difficulties, post in the forums and I will try to help.



Getting Close to a new Release

Hopefully this weekend I will make a new 2.1.2 Release

This release will have no schema changes (though there are stored procedure changes) so it will be an easy upgrade from 2.1.1
Some of the new things

  • Improved Module Caching
  • New CollapseLinkButton Control in mojoPortal.Web.Controls - this control can hide any other server control using cleint side javascript and css, you just enter the server side id in markup using the ControlToCollapse property. I used this in several administrative pages to hide sections of settings that don't need to be changed often
  • A new skin by Jasmin Savard, like the one used on this site
  • FriendlyUrls are now automatically created when creating pages
  • Blog and RSS Feeds now have friendly urls
  • Multi Sites Feature theme caching issue is now fixed and can now run multiple sites in a single application due to improvements in SiteMapProvider configuration
  • Users are now logged in automatically upon registration (thanks to Bo Rey for this fix)
  • Newest version of NeatUpload
  • Several bug fixes
  • The VS 2005 Solution now works with the VS Web Server, its no longer neccessary to setup an IIS application, just set your connection string and go

Release 1.0.4 and 2.1.1 Now Available

Version 2.1.1 includes the new 2.0 .NET localization model which detects the browser language and uses resource for that language if available. So anyone visiting this site using one of the languages we currently have translations for should see the labels and buttons in their own language.

Currently mojoPortal is translated into:
Portuguese (Brazil)

Also this release features a new help system making it easy to add contextual help links anywhere in a page or module with an editing system to make it easy to update or translate the help files.

The Image Gallery also uses a new modal dialog to show images. I've added an image gallery to the MyPage page on this site, click one of the thumbnails there to see how cool the new modal dialog is. The same dialog is also used in the help system.

This will be an easy upgrade as there are no changes to db tables. Users of MS SQL and PostgreSQL will need to run the stored procedure scripts to get the latest procedures.

Access/shortcut keys for all important buttons is another new feature this release. It can be disabled from the web.config file if you don't like it but its pretty convenient not having to grab the mouse for everything.

Version 1.0.4 includes the newest version of npgsql driver for PostgreSQL and a few minor bug fixes.

This release (both 2.1.1 and 1.0.4) is able to run in Medium trust hosting environments.

It won't be long till the 2.1.1 release

Significant progress was made this week in converting to the new 2.0 .NET localization model in svn branches/2.1.1 so we will probably be able to make a new release in about 2 weeks. I still have some tweaking and testing to do and also still need to implement the keyboard shortcuts feature that is targeted for the 2.1.1 release.

The Culture*.config files will go away with this release and culture specific strings will come from App_GloabalResources/Resource*.resx files where the default english will be just Resource.resx, Russian will be Resource-ru.resx, and Mexican spanish will be Resource-es-MX.resx for example.

In the new model, the culture of the browser is detected and if there is a resource file for that culture it will be used, otherwise it will fall back to the default cutlure specified in the web.config. We will still use the /Data/MessageTemplate/*.config files which also have fallback to the default culture.

The new .resx file format is in a very readable xml format and can be edited with a text editor, though VS 2005 has a nicer built in editor. Going forward, anyone contributing translations should contribute them in .resx format plus message tamplate files.

Since the 2.1 release shipped last weekend, the new development branch in svn is branches/2.1.1 and changes will only be made in branches/2.1 if we have to make important bug fixes before the next planned release.

Of course content from the database is always in the language that it was entered in but labels, buttons, date formats etc will adapt to the user's browser. Hopefully I will update this site later this week from svn.