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CSS Control Adapters, Site Upgrade and more..

I just updated this site to the latest code from my sandbox in svn (/branches/joedev2.1). Hopefully you won't notice much difference. The menu is now rendering as ul and li elements using the new CSS Menu Adapter based on the sample from MS. It should look the same as ever in the browser but if you view the source you'll see no more of the nasty nested tables that the menu rendered as previously.

Also the Personalization, Membership, and Roles provider apis have been implemented in all the data layers (this site is using the MySQL data layer).

I'm also using the built in login control, change password control, and password recovery control which run on top of the Membership Provider.

Personalization in particular is the main plumbing needed to support WebParts and it is working well now in all the data layers so I'm beginning to experiment with web parts and conversion of the built in features to web parts. Its going to be cool. The only thing is the web parts controls all seem to render with nested table layouts so I will probably have to implement CSS Adapters for them before I'm happy with it.

There were quite a few changes under the hood so let me know if you notice any problems or anomolies with this site

more 2.0 progress and hosting change

I have been making major progress in the 2.1 branch and am happy to report that this site is now running on a build from the 2.1 svn branch and using these new 2.0 .NET features:

  • MasterPages, in place of Paul Wilson's MasterPages we used in 1.x
  • Themes (a very powerfull way to to control the look of server controls) I have put skeleton settings for all the major server controls in the files so you can easily see and edit the wide range of properties available for each control.
  • ASP.NET Menu control, you will be able to use this, or TreeView or skmMenu
  • a custom SiteMapProvider
  • some conversion to the new configuration api but still more to convert

After running on mono for over a year, mostly at, it is with mixed feelings that I have moved for the time being back to windows hosting provided by Trendoid Internet Services.

While running this site on mono is a primary goal for the project, running on the latest version of mojoPortal software is even more important and to do that I need a 2.0 .NET environment. This is after all how I do testing, I run it on my sites before I make a release, you know, eating the dogfood and all that. I will be continually testing on mono and as soon as its possible to run with stability on the 2.0 mono stack this site will be moved back to mono hosting.

We will of course continue to support the 1.x branch of mojoPortal for mono users until the 2.0 stack is ready

I've started a page to list hosting companies that are hosting mojoPortal sites

I can personally recommend the ones listed there now. If you know of any more that you recommend let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Next up is work on a custom Providers for Personalization and Membership. After those are in place I can start to explore conversion to WebParts

1 Year Release Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since the first release of mojoPortal which was 11/1/2004

Stay tuned for another great year of progress. We have lot of exciting plans for the future.