5 New Developer Training Videos

Just a quick post to mention that 5 more videos have been completed in the developer series of videos. Here is the full list of videos so far and more are on the way soon. The newest videos are at the bottom of the list. The series is aimed at teaching how to build custom features that plug into mojoPortal by demonstrating step by step how to implement a guest book feature. Once the series is completed I will also make the source code available.

  1. Getting the code with TortoiseSVN
  2. Source Code Overview Part 1
  3. Source Code Overview Part 2
  4. Custom Solution
  5. Hello Web
  6. Hello Web Part 2
  7. Hello Guest Book
  8. Concepts Part 1
  9. Concepts Part 2
  10. Debugging in IIS
  11. Create a Table Using the Setup System
  12. Using The Setup System to Run Upgrade Scripts
  13. Generating a Data Access Class
  14. Generate the Business Layer
  15. First Guestbook Submission
  16. Form Layout
  17. Form Layout and Data Binding
  18. Upgrading from svn and Converting to VS 2010
  19. CSS Layout
  20. Using a WYSIWYG Editor and Captcha
  21. Default Button and Input Validation
  22. Protecting Against Untrusted Content
  23. Supporting Pages Part 1
  24. Supporting Pages Part 2
  25. Supporting Pages Part 3
  26. Enforcing Security Part 1
  27. Enforcing Security Part 2
  28. Implementing the update method

UPDATED 2010-05-11: added 3 more videos 26, 27, and 28

Also don't forget the mojoPortal online user group meeting is coming up on May 18, 2010 at 8PM EDT.

mojoportal online user group meeting


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