Host Multiple Sites in a Single Installation of mojoPortal Based on Host Names

Learn how to host multiple sites in a single installation of mojoPortal CMS using different host names or domain names. You will also get a little background primer on understanding how host names are resolved to ip addresses.

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For understanding how to setup multiple sites in IIS (without using non standard ports) you'll need to learn about IIS host headers and how they resolve requests to a specific web site when multiple web sites are using the same ip address. But to really understand that you need to understand the background information about host name resolution, the hosts file and the loopback address.

For testing and development purposes it is easy to setup additional web sites in IIS using made up host names added to the hosts file at


You'll have to run Notepad as administrator (right click it and choose run as Administrator)  and change the file open dialog to open all files since the hosts file has no file extension.

Then you can make up arbitrary host names and point them to the loopback address and then you can setup additional web sites for testing by using those made up host names for host headers.

You'll see that the hosts file already has localhost

and that is what makes the default web site able to run using localhost as the host name

but you could just as easily add cheeseburger

and then it would also work for http://cheeseburger/

Then you could create a new web site and set cheesburger as the host name/host header for the site and that would make requests for cheesburger be handled by the new site instead of the default web site.

Last Updated 2011-04-18 by Joe Audette