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mojoPortal is a free open source content management system. Anyone can use mojoPortal to build a website, no coding knowledge is required.

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Core Features

Create a site with a blog, forums, webstore, and virtually any other content you’d like. Enjoy features like those listed below, and more. Extend mojoPortal with add-ons, or develop your own.

Dozens of core modules make it possible to easily create almost any kind of website.

Mobile Friendly
mojoPortal ships with phone-friendly skins. You can also make your own with ease.

Developer Friendly
Developers will feel at home with mojoPortal. Extensible features will make your projects a breeze.

Roles & Security
Restrict access for viewing & editing content based on roles that you create and assign yourself.

Content Workflow
Control which roles can create content and which can approve it for publication, per-page or module.

Content History
Keep old versions of your content, compare & contrast versions, and re-publish them any time.

mojoPortal Sightings

Thousands of websites are powered by mojoPortal. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite sites. Beauty and functionality are the marks of a well-designed site, mojoPortal is capable of both.

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    Get free technical support from the community on the mojoPortal forums.

  • Got an Idea?

    You can make feature requests on the forums and/or share your code.

  • Get Skins

    Download mojoPortal skins or request design help on the forums.

  • Contribute

    mojoPortal is open source, contribute your code and make somebody’s day.

  • Find Developers

    Post and/or respond to job listings for mojoPortal development.

  • Support mojoPortal

    Joining the community helps support the project's growth.

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Direct Hosting and Support

mojoPortal is 100% free and open source, and always will be. The team at i7MEDIA really want to spend as much time as possible making this free product awesome, but we also need to eat and feed our kids. You can get amazing service and help support the project at the same time by hosting your site directly with us.

We also provide an installation service, web design, skinning, enterprise support plans, custom .NET development, and mojoPortal training. We’d love to work with you!

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