Discontinued: As of mojoPortal 2.5, Firebird SQL is no longer supported.

Software required

Firebird SQL server 2.0.1 or higher

Create your database using FlameRobin or some other tool of your choice. I suggest UTF8 for the charset to use when you create the DB.

Create a database and a user with full permission to the database. Enter the connection string in the web.config then navigate to yoursiteroot/Setup/Default.aspx

Setting the Firebird connection string

A quick description of each setting:

Data Source:
This is the name or IP address of the machine on which the Firebird server is running (e.g. localhost).
Server Type:
The server type should be set to 0 when connecting to a Firebird server and 1 when using the embedded firebird server.
Port Number:
The port number which the Firebird server listens on, default = 3050.
The database alias or the full path to the database file on the server.
The database SQL dialect should be set to 3.
The database character set. This must match the charset specified when you created the DB.
Allow connection pooling, increases server response time.
Min Pool Size:
The minimum number of database connections to keep open.
Max Pool Size:
The maximum number of connections open at one time.
Connection Timeout:
If the connection is not made within these many seconds an exception is thrown.
Connection Lifetime:
When a connection is closed, it goes back into the connection pool. This is the number of seconds to keep the connection open once it is back in the pool.
Fetch Size:
The number of rows to fetch from the database in one go.
User Id:
The username used to connect to the database must have a valid Firebird user.
The user password.
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