TinyMCE editor is in svn branches/2.x

In follow up to my previous post, my initial implementation of the EditorProvider model is now implemented in svn (branches/2.x) with support for both FCKeditor and TinyMCE. You can set the default editor from Site Settings. Get the latest code from svn to check it out. We are also getting very close to a new release since we have a lot of good new things in svn.

Since FCKeditor doesn't work in Opera, I have it setup so that TinyMCE will be used for Opera regardless of the Site Settings default. I also have it currently set to use TinyMCE for Safari, but so far it doesn't seem to work. It says this is experimental which is the same status FCKeditor has but I've never been able to get either of them working in Safari myself so far. Tiny MCE does seem to work nicely in Opera. In Safari, both are degrading to a TextArea which is still functional but requires manual entry and formatting of html.

FCKeditor has browsing and uploading of images/files while TinyMCE requires entering an url. I'm going to look into trying to make a generic one that works with both based on the FCKeditor version. I'm also planning to get content templates working in both editors using a common source for the templates. I would like to  implement this also for styles, formats, fonts, colors etc so that they are the same regardless of the editor.

I've also noticed that there might be problems if switching back and forth between editors, content tends to get reformatted differently sometimes.

It nice to have both of these great editors working and now we can fully support Opera. Hopefully I can get one of these editors working decently in Safari at some point.

If you do any testing, let me know what you think.




re: TinyMCE editor is in svn branches/2.x

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 12:45:34 PM


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