This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

After a good bit of work, according to the Wc3 validator page, this page is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

Now if you want to confirm this yourself I will say you can't just enter the url and have it come up valid becuase when the validator pages makes a request it is rendered differently than when using a browser. In other words the .NET Server controls do their down level rendering when it can't detect the browser and apparently the downlevel rendering is not valid.

If you view this page with Firefox and then right click and view the page source then save this file as www.mojoportal.htm and upload it to the validator it gives it the nice approval.

Ultimately I would like to get to Strict compliance instead of Transitional but this is a step in the right direction.

Another factor that comes into play in a CMS like mojoPortal is whether the existing markup in the database that has been entered using the CMS features conforms. I think in general FCKeditor does produce valid markup, but I have found places where I edited stuff directly as source and I didn't do it with XHTML validation in mind at the time so I am cleaning things up in the content as well as in mojoportal code. For example using a valign attribute on a td is not valid for Transitional and moving forward toward Strict, links with a target attribute are not allowed so I am cleaning up things like that too.

I doubt if all the pages in this site are currently valid but I am making progress and eventually we will be able to proudly display the icon