Third Skin of 10 Completed mitchinson-earthy

I've completed the third skin of my 10 skin campaign, mitchinson-earthy, which can be seen on Of course since its a public demo site, someone may come along and change it, but you can change it back or checkout the different skins by (key icon) Administration Menu > Site Settings.

mitchinson-earthy-alt1 skin screen shot

This will be available in svn trunk later today for developers and will be in the next release of mojoPortal for everyone else.

I actually created 2 variations of this skin, one with the dynamic submenus hanging from the horizontal menu (which is more true to the original design), and one with a vertical sub menu for child pages instead of dynamic sub menus, named mitchinson-earthy-alt1. I like the alt1 version better myself. The flyout sub menu just makes it less user friendly and less able to support larger sites with deep page hierarchies.

I also varied a little from the design by making it 100 pixels wider and adding rounded corners on left and right side content.

So anyway we got 2 skins from this design, but it only counts as 1 of the 10 planned skins because I really want 10 new designs.

Next on my hit list is mitchinson-business3, which looks pretty straightforward to implement and should go quickly.

Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.