Current Version: 2016-04-10
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Road Map

The mojoPortal project began in 2004 and is 11 years old as of 2015. It was built on ASP.NET WebForms technology, which though still supported by Microsoft, has largely gone out of style with most developers now using the newer MVC (Model View Controller) patterns and paradigms at least for new projects. Very few ASP.NET developers these days want to start new projects using WebForms and this has resulted in a gradual decline in the popularity of mojoPortal over the last few years. As such, revenue from add on products has also declined and the original developers no longer see a market opportunity in developing new add on features for mojoPortal.

As a relatively mature and feature rich web application stack, mojoPortal is still quite capable of handling the most common needs of business websites. The project itself however is in maintenance mode with only minor improvements and bug fixes planned at this point by the original developers. Since it is open source, other developers are free to fork the code and continue development or submit changes for review to the maintainers of the source code repository. For those who prefer the WebForms technology it is still a viable starting point and a huge jump start for any WebForms application.

If you liked my work on mojoPortal you may also find my latest open source project interesting.

As you may know there is a new web stack coming from Microsoft, ASP.NET 5/MVC 6 and .NET Core (aka dnxcore50). These are currently in beta and should be in RC in late November or so and released early in 2016.

.NET Core framework is a new light weight cross platform version of .NET that will be supported by Microsoft on Windows, Linux, and Mac. MVC 6 is the unification of previous MVC concepts with those of Web API.

These new frameworks and tools are going to really modernize the way we develop web applications and sites.

To learn these new technologies I've done quite a bit of work building a new project named cloudscribe.Core.Web

I've implemented some of the foundational features that exist in mojoPortal including multi-tenancy aka multi-sites, user and role management. I also re-purposed a lot of data access code from mojoportal to implement those things but refactored it and made it asynchronous since async is one of the new good things in the new goodness.

I'm interested in feedback on the new cloudscribe project, and hoping to actively keep moving forward with it depending on how much interest it gets, but I'm also in need of employment.  With luck, maybe I can find something that aligns both of those interests.