Release 20050710

I just posted a new release on the Download page.  This release adds the Search feature powered by DotLucene as well as advanced logging capabilities powered by log4net.

There are no changes to the table structures for this release but users of PostgreSQL and MS SQL will need to re-run the stored procedure scripts for upgrading from version 20050618.
You will want to replace every file except maybe your Web.config.

Be sure and back up your site and db before upgrading and as always if you have any trouble please post in the Forums.

The latest code is not yet commited to svn because I'm having connection troubles with the repository on Novell Forge.  Its never happened before so I'm optimistic they will have this fixed tomorrow. I'm not the only Novell Forge user reporting this problem today, I will commit the newest code as soon as this is working again.

Update 7/11/2005:
The problem with the svn repository on Novell Forge was fixed today and I commited the latest code and also put up a new zip file for those who haven't got hip to svn yet.