Release 20050403 alpha is now available

A new release is now available on the Download page.

This release includes a new data layer for PostgreSQL thanks to Joseph Hill of  Now mojoPortal supports MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL!  The demo sites are now using the PostgreSQL data layer.

Also with big thanks to Joseph, a new RSS Feed Aggregator Module is included.  It is based on the sample code that Joseph sent me from his GotMono blogs.  It is very configurable including settings for Cache Time, age of posts to include, number of  posts per feed, etc.  You can put one on as many pages as you like and show 1 or many feeds in each one.  You can configure whether to show or hide the Feed list and the RSS links. You can configure the Feed list links to go either to the web site associated with the feed or as a filter on the current display

The MySQL data layer has been upgraded from the ByteFX data provider to the newer  MySQL Connector for .NET

As always if you have any trouble please post in the forums.

I also updated Mono on my server to the latest build from svn