Release 20050320 alpha

Well I didn't think I would make a new release one day after my last release but I was able to complete 2 important features yesterday and also found out about a bug in the data layer for MS SQL.

The new release includes the ability to move content modules between pages and also to create "pages" in the menu hierarchy that are just links to other pages which can be either on site or off site.  You can also configure whether to open the page in a new window.  There is a new page setting to Show Child Pages Menu, but this feature is not implemented yet and checking the box will have no effect.

If you installed yesterday's release you will need to add 4 new columns to the mp_Pages table, see the create tables script for details. If you are using MS SQL you should also update the stored procedures.
If you are trying to upgrade from any previous version, be sure and backup both your site and current db before you start making changes in case things get messed up and you want to go back.  Upgrading while the project is in the alpha stage is a manual process, I will try to add some guidlines under the Documentation menu soon.  Eventually I will have an automated upgrade process.

The bug that was fixed in the MS SQL data layer would only have revealed itself if you configured an Html Module for multiple items like articles or announcements.

I also added some documentation to the site today under Documentation > Creating Skins and Documentation > Securing mojoPortal

I will be upgrading this site and my demo sites to the new version sometime in the next few days.  If you are viewing the site while I'm doing the upgrade you may get a page not found error or some other server error but rest assured it will only be for a few minutes when it happens.

Update 3/21/2005
I just finished upgrading this site as well as the demo sites and my personal site to the new version