New Metro Transit Site Running on mojoPortal

Just a quick post to highlight an impressive new site running on mojoPortal. The Metro Transit site for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is now running on mojoPortal. The site is very attractive and has a lot of custom features developed to support Metro Transit system needs.

screen shot of

John Sanborn, the developer of the site has done a great job with this site and because of all the existing functionality in the mojoPortal framework, was able to focus on developing his needed custom functionality. Quoting John:

I have to tell you, working with mojoPortal has been a joy. Your work is inspiring and all the documentation on the site and access to the forums have really made this whole project so much easier.

The marketing people that manage all the content and input the news and alerts and maintain all the content are pretty excited about all this.

It is great to hear the success stories from our community. If you've done something really impressive with mojoPortal, let us know and maybe we will feature your site in a blog post too!


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