More WebPart Next Steps

I implemented the WebPartModule and WebPartAdmin module in my sandbox over the weekend using the MS SQL data layer. I still have some work in the other data layers but I'm waiting until I complete all the schema changes In this db before moving through the other layers.

These modules work just as I planned using a test dll I made with a simple web part. I was able to drop it in the bin folder, it showed up on a list in the WebPart Admin module as a WebPart available to install. Installing was 2 clicks and 2 check boxes to indicate whether it should be made available for MyPage and the Content System. I checked them both and then was able to use the WebPart on MyPage and in the content system. Pretty Sweet!....but, if you build it wil they come?

Googling I could not find any webpart libraries available for download except those for Sharepoint which are not compatible with ASP.NET WebParts. Often, people don't realize these are not the same thing because they are both named WebParts, but they are not the same thing.

So the utility of this feature is good for developing your own WebParts as features for mojoPortal or other projects using WebParts but we have yet to see much of anything out there right now as far as 3rd party WebParts. Maybe that will emerge later, we shall see.

But anyway, there is still more that I want to do in the MyPage implementation of WebParts.

Similar to what they have over at, I want the user to be able to have multiple pages on MyPage, with the ability to create more as needed.

Also, I want to do something more elaborate with the WebPart Catalog. You can only show so many choices in the default presentation without it getting obnoxious so I need to figure out how to implement it so that the most popular ones show up in a short list and there is a more link where you can open a screen that lets you page through them so that it is not too cumbersome having a large catalog and browsing through them.

I think after those 2 things are implemented I will start the QA process towards a release. Not sure how long that will take, hopefully it will go quickly.