Mono Progress!

As you may know if you've been following my posts and the progress of this project the 2.x branch of mojoPortal has not been able to work under Mono and has been waiting for things to progress in the Mono 2.0 ASP.NET stack.

Last night with Mono built from svn r73211, for the first time a few pages in mojoPortal 2.x do work! There are still errors to be fixed but this is the first time I've been able to get any pages to work. This is very encouraging progress, I am very excited because I feel we are getting very close now to having the 2.x version working on Mono.

I will say that I had to comment out the menu binding code to get the site working at all because there is still some work to do to correctly support custom SiteMapProviders in Mono, but I was able to get to the home page and I was able to login.

Big Thanks to Marek Habersack for all the great work he is doing in Mono to help us along!

There is still a tunnel but I can see light at the end of it!