Monitoring Web Traffic

Over the years I've tried many web log analysis tools both commercial and free and in my opinion the best thing available now is the free Google Analytics service. 

As of version, mojoPortal content management system now has advanced integration with Google Analytics.

Other tools do log analysis whereas google tracks actual pages as they are viewed. I also download my log files and and process them with a free tool, awstats, but I find it exaggerates traffic due to all the bot and crawler traffic.

You can get nice traffic reports that show your google analytics data right in your site using our add on product In Site Analytics Pro. It even has a nice visitor map that you can publish on your site, it plots the top visitor locations and statistics. You can see the visitor map in action on our Community page.

Todd Lewis has also done some work using Webalizer. He has a technique for parsing the logs from a multi site mojoportal installation so you can see traffic reports of the individual sites. He started some documentation on this here:

Tip: You don't have to wait till the next day to see todays traffic in google analytics. Just set the begin date and end date of the the report to the current date.

Last Modified 2011-02-13