mojoPortal Sightings for August 2012

Our friends at i7MEDIA have been very busy lately. In addition to sharing a nice new skin with the community, recently they have brought a few nice sites online using mojoPortal CMS.

Micromo has provided the widest range of high quality rotary and linear custom motion solutions to markets such as medical, defense and robotics. A member of the global FAULHABER Group, MICROMO brings together cutting edge, high performance and energy efficient technologies from around the world, such as brushed, brushless, stepper, thin profile, piezoelectric and linear dc motors, encoders and gearheads.



Banking You Can Trust is an advocacy group for credit unions. In addition to the design work, i7MEDIA built a custom feature to help users find credit unions as part of this project.

Banking You Can Trust


We'd love to hear about the sites you are bringing online with mojoPortal. If you have a high profile site or a design that you're particularly proud of, or a site showing custom features you've built on mojoPortal, let us know, maybe we'll feature your site(s) in a blog post.

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