mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page.

What's New?

jQuery UI Skin

This release includes a new skin based on jQuery UI, as described in my previous post, there is also a theme picker for choosing the jQuery UI theme. There are a bunch of pre-defined themes and you can roll your own with the jQueryUI theme roller, so this skin is like many skins in one.

A number of people have been asking in the forums about how to make menu items not clickable. Typically people want this when they are using a flyout menu like the jQuery Superfish menu or the horizontal menus used in Artisteer skins. Usually there is a parent page that is just a container for child pages that have the actual articles, and you may wish to make the parent menu item not clickable. If the user clicks it, it is the same as if they mouse over it, it just shows the child items and does not navigate to the page. This is now supported as described in the documentation article Un-clickable Menu Items.

Feature Setting Groups

This is something I've been meaning to do for a long time, when a feature has a lot of settings (like the blog for example), the settings page could become very daunting just because there are so many settings. By adding groups, we can organize the settings into logical groups that make it much easier for the user to digest because they can view one group at a time.

feature setting groups

A Few Blog Improvements

As the screen shot shows, there are some new settings for the blog. You can now add extra content into the blog side bar in 2 locations. This is suitable for adding a blog roll or an advertisement or other content you would like to add to the sidebar of the blog.

There is also a new Tweet This link available in the blog, located in the Social Settings.

Limiting Available Features by Roles

This is another popular request in the forums, many users have asked about being able to filter the list of available features by roles. This is now possible from Administration > Advanced Tools > Feature Configuration, you will see a new link for permissions next to each feature and you can set roles allowed to use the feature. Note that it only controls what is available in the list when creating new content, it does not change a user's permissions on existing instances of a feature.

Other Stuff

  • Upgraded from TinyMCE 3.3.7 to 3.3.8
  • Upgraded from CKeditor 3.3.1 to 3.3.2
  • Upgraded to the latest MySql Connector
  • Updated Italian resources thanks to Diego Mora
  • Updated German resources thanks to Jan Aengenvort
  • the Extra Skins download file has a new skin contributed by Nitin Sharma

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a redirect bug when using the MyPage feature in folder based child sites
  • fixed an issue where the tabs did not work correctly on the user profile and manage users pages in folder based child sites
  • fixed a bug where consuming the aggregate feed from on feed manager into another instance of Feed Manager caused the page to hang
  • fixed a bug where the download link in shared files did not always work correctly in IE 8
  • a few other bug fixes and enhancements based on feedback in the forums and by email

Upgrade Notes

After the previous release, 2 people reported errors upgrading and were not able to upgrade. I believe this issue happens only with SQL 2005 if it does not have all the service paks installed. This is related to changes we made to consolidate the MS SQL layer so it could support SqlAzure. In making the needed changes we made a conscious decision to drop support for SQL 2000, so our MS SQL Data layer is designed to support SQL 2005/2008/SqlAzure, but it turns out that SQL 2005 only works if you have the service paks installed. I was already running SQL 2005 Express with all service paks, so I did not anticipate any issues with SQL 2005, but apparently there are problems if you are not up to date on service paks. As always, you should backup your site and database before upgrading, and if you are using SQL 2005 you should check whether you have the service paks installed before upgrading.


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