mojoPortal Released

I've just released mojoPortal, its available now on the download page.

Nothing changed in the core schema thats why the version only changed to -b. However there are some changes that make it worth the effort to upgrade.

The Poll Feature by Christian Fredh and the Survey Feature by Rob Henry have been revamped to make them a little more user friendly and more consistent with other features. These are 2 very cool features which up till now I haven't used much myself because this site is running on MySql and they were only implemented for MS SQL. Rob actually implemented most of the MySql layer for the Survey recently so I picked up where he left off and finished it then went on and implemented MySql for the Poll as well. You can try them out on this site, the Poll is here and the Survey is here. Go ahead and try them, I'd be interested in your answers to some of the questions I created.

Another new feature is the link browser in the FCKeditor is now implemented so you can browse and link to pages in the site or files in the file system more easily.

As always back up your site and db before upgrading. You'll want to be sure and get the new Web.config file, don't try to keep the old one, just restore any customizations from the old one to the new one.

Although the core schema didn't change you still need to visit the /Setup/Default.aspx page after uploading the new files so it can upgrade the Poll and Survey.

Other than these new features there are only a couple of minor bug fixes. The SQLite blog bug is fixed and it was the worst one reported since the previous release.

Also wanted to mention as noted in Miguel's blog, mojoPortal is also available in rpm format for a few flavors of Linux. The root folder is here, you can drill down through the different distros to find the correct package. This is all thanks to the magic of the OpenSuse Build service and Joseph Hill who initially set it up for mojoPortal. The rpms don't have the very latest release but they are easier to install. I plan to get involved in keeping them up to date after I learn how.


re: mojoPortal Released

Friday, January 25, 2008 5:06:36 AM


The survey is nice. A small feedback for the poll system...:

It would be nice if the system does not add up the click from the same user twice... or have you voluntarily disabled such a feature for this particular poll?

re: mojoPortal Released

Friday, January 25, 2008 5:53:57 AM

The poll has a configuration option to allow annonymous voting or not. I have it enabled to allow anonymous voting.

Authenticated users only are allowed one vote. I suppose we could do something with cookies to prevent unauthenticated users from voting more than once. That solution would only make it a little more difficult for someone who wants to manipulate the vote. It might also be a problem using a cookie this way if the site is setup with a lot of polls. It could get to a point where the poll tracking cookies are crowding out more important cookies as there is a limit to total cookie size. Maybe the best compromise is to keep a single cookie with the guid of the most recently completed poll or a comma separated one with the guids from a limited number of polls.



re: mojoPortal Released

Sunday, January 27, 2008 1:23:03 AM

Comma deliniated list of pole ids would be the best solution in my opinion. these two features don't help me much, but its good to see progress none-the-less. and as always, any progress is greatly appreciated by the community. Once I get more knowledgeable with mojo i hope to be contributing something to the project.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 12:25:55 AM

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:44:39 PM
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