Exciting New Era

As I recall, the IBuySpy Portal reference architecture was released while Visual Studio.NET was in beta and was the first good sample code to help Classic ASP developers make the leap to this new .NET thing. It was later updated for the release and has been used as a starting point in countless private projects and at least 2 notable open source projects, RainbowPortal and DotNetNuke

A lot has happened since then. The .NET Community has blossomed into a wealth of sites with articles, code samples, forums, blogs, and open source projects. Now we have the approaching release of ASP.NET 2.0 and the first release of The Mono Project, a port of the .NET framework that runs on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. These are exciting times! The vision of cross platform applications is within reach!

But its not a slam dunk. Chances are the ASP.NET code you've already written will need some massaging to make it work in the case sensitive file and url world of GNU/Linux/Apache. You will also have to add some new skills to your repetoire to learn web server administration in the apache world. My plan with this project is to use what I've learned over the past several years of ASP.NET development and create an improved reference architecture that teaches Object Oriented implementation by example while at the same time fleshing out a truly cross platform, feature rich web site framework that can be used by others as a starting point for their projects as well as my own. When I complete my vision, there won't be much resemblence to the original IBuySpy architecture, but even today it makes a good starting point in terms of functionality.


re: Exciting New Era

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 7:55:49 AM
Hey Joe! I'm very excited about what you're doing with this project. I think the word needs to get out. I'm proud of what you've accomplished so far... almost brings a tear to me eye '-( Take care, David
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