Essex Biodiversity Project a new mojoPortal Site

A new site for The Essex Biodiversity Project is now online and using mojoPortal.

Harvey Watts did a great job with the site. Its very nice to see mojoPortal used for important work like environmental protection and preservation.

Update 11/2/2006 7:23 PM EDT

A quote from Harvey Watts of Hickory Hollow the company that implemented the Essex Biodiversity Project site:

"Several of us worked on it from Hickory Hollow
( - this needs to be a mojoportal!) and
the site owners Gen and Mark who run the Essex Biodiversity Project.
That is the neat thing about mojoportal it allows end users to populate
the content of the site without too much assistance from techies."

This illustrates some of the benefits of a content management system like mojoPortal, you don't need to ask a developer when you need new pages on your site. Once the developer sets it up for you content authors can do the rest right from the browser.