e-commerce Testing/Demo Site

I just setup a site at http://storedemo.mojoportal.com/ that demonstrates what I have implemented so far for the e-commerce project.

I am still seeking sponsorship for continued development on this project so that I can make it a high priority. A few developers have expressed interest in learning more about it and at least one has offered to help with testing.

At the moment the demo is configured with 2 Offers, one is an mp3 album with 3 songs and one is an mp3 single.

Anyone can test the basic add to cart and proceed through checkout functionality.
If you are interested in seeing/testing the back end store administration please contact me and I can add you to a role with this permission on the demo site.

Any feedback from testers should be posted in the project forum here:

I am interested in hearing what it would need for you to use it for real e-commerce to meet your real business needs.

The project page includes a list of currently implemented functionality and a To Do list.