Design Resources for mojoPortal skins

I just discovered (via Francisco's blog) and , a couple of good places to find designs that could be converted to mojoPortal skins. I'm going to look through there and find a few designs to convert myself, but thought I would point out these sites for anyone else interested.

I'm not much of a designer myself but I can usually make a skin pretty easily from existing designs.


re: Design Resources for mojoPortal skins

Saturday, September 1, 2007 1:35:39 AM

You could also add to that list.


re: Design Resources for mojoPortal skins

Monday, September 3, 2007 7:27:57 AM

you definitely need to make mojoportal more aesthetic.

The ugly design is holding back developers/users for what otherwise looks like a decent web framework.

We have passed on it a few times because we also are bad at graphic design and think this should be something the framework does for us.

congratulations on getting OpenID working..that is a hot feature and will attract the critical mass needed for an OS project's success.


re: Design Resources for mojoPortal skins

Monday, September 3, 2007 8:30:02 AM


Thanks for the feedback. While I don't doubt for a minute that people choose frameworks based on the the appearance I think it is a poor way to choose. With a good framework presentation is separated so that it is not really part of the framework per se. I certainly don't think of the included skins as part of the framework itself, its just css and graphics. 

I think it would be great to have some better looking skins to include with mojoPortal but I also think if doing a web project for a company the design is usually going to be customized anyway. Maybe people setting up personal sites will use the included skins but any web site that is important to a company is going to have a custom design. Coming up with that design should be a separate concern from choosing good plumbing for running and managing the site.

I'd be interested if you could elaborate on what you chose instead when you passed over mojoPortal and what skin or design did it have that made it more appealing? Did you use the included skin or design as is or did you customize it?

While I don't think choosing a framework based on how the included skins look is the best way to choose I can't deny that people do choose that way and therefore it would boost the popularity of the project if we had some better looking skins.

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