Automatic Google Site Maps Feature landed in svn

Yesterday I implemented a feature to generate a dynamic Google Site Map from the ASP.NET SiteMapProvider used in mojoPortal. My implementation is pretty basic right now, I'm using the defaults for the optional attributes changefreq and priority and leaving out lastmod for now, but I intend to add database fields to capture and manage those properties for each page in the content management system, hopefully before the next release.

You can see the sitemap for this site at

I checked the initial implementation into svn/trunk yesterday and am merging a few improvements now so anyone working with the source code from svn can get it now.

You submit your sitemap to google in the Webmaster tools. Doing so is supposed to help google (and perhaps other search engines) crawl your site and index your content, you know all the SEO stuff to give you more ROI on your web content, blah blah ;-)

Anyway this feature will make it easy to submit your site map and it will stay up to date automatically.