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2/29/2012 7:15:14 AM
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private messages

hey there, 


i was wondering if its planned to implement private messages soon? i noticed that its on the road map since quite some time..


looking forward for some information, 


thanks already & greetings

2/29/2012 9:02:22 AM
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Re: private messages

Hi Tobias,

Yes, it is still planned. It has been on the road map for quite a while but other priorities have kept us from getting to it. There are still a lot of higher priorities but I hope to get to it this year.



1/23/2013 3:46:32 AM
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Re: private messages

Hi Joe,

Just wondering did you manage to do anything about this? I really need this system for my users as it gives much better feeling to the site, not to mention community feeling that users have when they are free to message each other. Also it is much easier to contact people, without searching for their profile, email address etc.

I wouldn't mind to pay for it as an extra feature and I'm sure many people will agree with me on this one :)




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