Request for Enhancements to Form Wizard Pro - Survey

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2/8/2012 8:57:48 AM
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-- Joe

Request for Enhancements to Form Wizard Pro - Survey

I purchased the Form Wizard Pro a few days ago.  In using the Survey feature, I noticed a number of things that would make it better. I am hoping these would not take much effort to change:

  1. Formatting CSS class for Questions - the default should be that the question text size/color/font should be the same as the answers.  I am still trying to figure out how to change the Question font size. (that will be a separate post today)
  2. Export to Excel: Have column headers should be the question on the survey
  3. Export to Excel: Have the columns delimited as TABs instead of commas.  When you have a text field and the user places a comma in that textbox, then Excel reads that comment as multiple columns.
  4. The button "Delete All Form Submissions" would be better as a hyperlink like the typical "Cancel" link
  5. Have the hyperlinks for  "View Submissions Grid" and "Browse Submissions" on separate lines - and if you can format these in an area under a sub-heading of "Submissions" this would be easier to identify
  6. Have a start and expiration date on the Survey that automatically activates/deactivates survey

Thanks for listening.  I hope these recommendations make sense!


2/8/2012 10:09:21 AM
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Re: Request for Enhancements to Form Wizard Pro - Survey

Hi Joe,

1. There are ample CSS classes on the elements to allow them to be styled. If you are not a CSS expert you may need to hire one to pretty up the forms as you would like. You might check with Joe Davis of i7MEDIA for a quote as he has a lot of experinece with styling Form Wizard.

2. The way the export works is we first create a DataTable and then we have a routine that can convert the data table to csv. The problem is there are rules about what column names can be in a data table so we cannot typically use the questions, so intstead we add the questions as the first row of data. Since the question text can be rather long, we also have a setting in the settings where you can enable question aliases, then when enabled you can edit the form and put shorter words for the aliases and they will be used for the first row labels instead of the long question text.

3. I've added a request for tab delimted export to our project tracker.

4. The Delete button should be a button not a link, it does postback a link does a get request, data should not be changed by a get request. A link is appropriate for a cancel if it is just a link back to the page or previous page, generally no postback is needed for cancel. Deleting data requires postback and a button is more appropriate. Though there is such a thing as <asp:LinkButton, I never use that anywhere because it doesn't work if javascript is disabled whereas button always works. A button can be styled from CSS to look like a link if really needed anyway.

5. That can be done with CSS like this:

.formresults a { display:block; }

6. You could set an end date on the instance of Form Wizard Pro and it will be removed from the page when it expires and you could have another instance published on the page with a future begin date so it starts the same as the end date of the first instance. This can be done from Administration > Content Manager, find the instance and click the publish link.

Hope that helps,


2/8/2012 10:20:19 AM
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Re: Request for Enhancements to Form Wizard Pro - Survey

Hey Joe, for number 3, I think it would be a good idea to fix the CSV output too when you get to this. Per IETF RFC 4180, the best remedy is to use double quotes around strings that have reserved characters (double quote, comma, newline), with two adjacent double quotes replacing any embedded single double quotes.


2/8/2012 10:24:26 AM
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Re: Request for Enhancements to Form Wizard Pro - Survey

Thanks Jamie, I've added that link to the ticket in the project tracker.



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