mojoPortal caching

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1/17/2012 3:36:45 PM
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mojoPortal caching


I'm wondering about where all of the caching takes place in mojoPortal. I took the entire Sites directory, moved it to a fileshare (instead of just the media, skins and systemfiles directories) and then set up a virtual directory in IIS (and deleting the original virtual directories listed above) pointing to the fileshare. When I access the sites directory in the file manager, it is still referencing the old virtual directories, even though they have been deleted from IIS (the actual media, skin & systemfiles directories are still in place on the file share, I just added the entire Sites directory as well). This makes me think it is a caching issue, although I have gone through all the site directory's systemfiles folders and deleted the cachedependency files, touched the web.config, restarted the app pool and cleared my browsing cache.

When I upload a file, I have explorer open both to the new virtual directory (where I want it to go and it is configured on the server to go) and also the old location where the virtual directory has been deleted .... and the file uploads to the old location.

Weird, huh? Any ideas?

~ Beth

ps. I haven't had the time to test out pre-compilation, or removing the additional resource files, but I will get to that and let you know.  Thanks for testing that out!

~ Beth

1/18/2012 7:17:38 AM
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Re: mojoPortal caching

Hi Beth,

We aren't caching anything in terms of the file system or file system paths so I'm not sure how it could see any paths that do not exist. It should see virtual folders just the same as if they were ordinary folders so long as permissions allow. It might be that IIS is caching it somehow, maybe it would require restarting the site or IIS.



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