global content permissions

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1/5/2012 2:19:47 PM
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global content permissions

Having upgraded from MSSQL  to there have been a lot of additions to permissions that I've had to update and I might be missing something.

For a Site Editor in a Child Site, I've added the following (newly available with the upgrade) permissions for my Site Editor:

  • assign skin to pages
  • default create root level pages
  • default root level page view roles
  • default root level page edit roles

When I, as the Site Editor role, made some html content global and then tried adding it to a different page, I get an access denied error.  I think the reason why this is happening is that this particular Site Editor didn't create these pages (I have one person who edits ~10 sites so I consolidated all the separate roles into one role for her to use for all of her sites, just to clean things up a bit), even though this Role should still have full edit/delete/create access.

The reason why I think this is somehow a result of that Site Editor role not creating the pages to begin with is because on any of my other sites that are using the original Site Editor roles that created those pages, the global content feature works fine.  Those Site Editor permissions are identical to the Site Editor permissions for the site I'm having trouble with.

Is there possibly something in the db that is controlling this (and that I could run an Update query to get that one trouble role full site editor access to be able to publish global content?)?



1/5/2012 2:28:19 PM
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Re: global content permissions

Hi Beth,

I think the reason is because at one point we were actually defaulting the feature instance edit roles to Admins (uneccesary since they can edit anything without adding their role) and the result is that by the current rules it locks the content down so not even Content Admins or Site Editors can edit.

I actually had a bunch of instances like that on this site and I solved it by running a query like this:

UPDATE mp_Modules SET AuthorizedEditRoles = '' WHERE AuthorizedEditRoles = 'Admins;'

But you only want to do that if you are sure that you don't have any content instances that you intended to lock down to admins only.

If you do have instances that you know about that you intend to have locked down you could still run the query then go lock them down again, but odds are that you have more that are locked down unintentionally by this older default.



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